Edinburgh Driving Lessons


Edinburgh Driving School
Whether you've decided to learn with Alan's School of Motoring or not we thought you might find the following resources useful while you are learning to drive:


The Highway Code, you should be familiar with this before you start learning to drive and should refer to it often while taking lessons:


The DSA, the Driving Standards Agency are a part of the Department for Transport and you can book both your theory and practical tests online here:


Hazard Perception, this is now part of the theory test and has caught more than a few people out, check out the following video for an introduction to this and some tips on how to complete the test:


We've also partnered up with Marmalade Insurance to help the younger driver to have a better chance at being a safer driver by getting insurance within budget. Check out some incredible deals by clicking the links below:
New drivers: http://marmalade.isisquotes.com/privatecar/form/?BROKERID=A36D18E2446B4DE2B025B61D97BC2E3E
Learner drivers: http://instructor.provisionalmarmalade.co.uk?guid=A36D18E2446B4DE2B025B61D97BC2E3E
Buying a car: http://www.wearemarmalade.co.uk/cars-for-young-drivers?guid=A36D18E2446B4DE2B025B61D97BC2E3E


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